How To Make Custom Pens

How To Make Custom Pens

Oct 13, 2023Mike Powers

In a world dominated by mass-produced goods, the charm of handmade and custom items has become increasingly appealing. Whether you're a small business looking to diversify your product line, a side hustler hoping to turn your creative skills into a profitable venture, or a hobbyist in search of a new and rewarding craft, creating custom pens can be an exciting and profitable endeavor.

In this blog post, we'll explore how to make custom pens is the most efficient and cost effective way for your small business, side hustle or hobby.

Table of Contents

  • Why Custom Pens?
  • Types of Custom Pens
  • Steps To Create Custom Pens
  • Print Methods For Custom Pens
  • Why UV DTF Is A Preferable Option
  • The Process Of Using UV DTF Stickers
  • Conclusion

Why Custom Pens?

Custom pens are a versatile product with a wide range of applications. They can be used as promotional items for businesses, personalized gifts for special occasions, or even as artistic expressions of your creativity. The process of creating custom pens is both fun and rewarding, offering plenty of room for innovation and personalization.

Some of the most common use cases for custom pens included:

  • Merchandise for small businesses
  • Use in an office or business setting
  • Personalized gifts for staff or clients
  • Swag bags at expos and exhibitions
  • Giveaways at trade shows
  • A new hobby

A 2019 study by ASI shows that 89% of consumers own logoed pens, making them one of the most popular types of promotional products - with drinkware coming in second at 88%. This gives you even more reasons to learn how to make custom pens.

Types Of Custom Pens

Before you get into creating custom pens, it’s important to learn all of the different types of custom pens that are available on the market. You can match your custom pens to your ethos - for example if you are pushing an eco-friendly approach, you may want to consider compostable or biodegradable pens. There are also options like wheat pens and recycled pens that you can choose between depending on your supplier.

Some other material types that you can choose from include:

  • Metal
  • Plastic
  • Aluminum
  • Bamboo
  • Steel

There are also different types of pens that you can choose between. We’ve broken these down for you to give you some more information:


Available with fine tip points, rollerballs can offer smoother writing capabilities.


Suitable for use on official documents as ink does not seep through paper, ballpoint pens are a popular addition to law firms, financial institutions and other office environments.


These types of pens can be used with touch screen devices making them a better option for cross-device use. You can still use stylus pens as regular functioning pens.


With a smooth ink flow, gel pens offer a much easier way to write, reducing hand pains.


With liquid based ink, fountain pens can flow smoothly. However they take a little longer to dry than other types of pens and therefore are prone to smudging.

You can also choose between different colored inks, brands and features.

Steps To Create Custom Pens

Before you start creating custom pens, it’s essential to gather the necessary tools and materials.

Here’s a detailed list of everything that you will need when learning how to make custom pens.


Purchase blank pens from a trusted supplier. Ensure that they match your brand, are shaped in a way that can feature your design, and come with all features such as pen mechanisms, ink refills (where needed) and clips. There are various shapes, styles and colors available to choose from. Choose a finish that will complement your design.


You will need a design ready and prepared to go with your logo, message or image. This will be transferred onto your custom pens.

Printing Machine

If you are printing your own design at home, you will need a printer that matches your print method. For example if you’re using DTF printing, then you will need a specialist DTF printer to avoid clogging from the rich inks.

Printing Equipment

The type of printing equipment you will need to properly transfer your design will depend on the print method that you choose.


Remember, you will need something to keep your blank pens in and your printed pens separate.

Printing Methods For Custom Pens

When it comes to personalizing your custom pens, several print methods can be employed.

These methods include:

Pad Printing

Pad printing is a popular method for printing logos, text, or images on pens. It's known for its precision and durability, making it suitable for mass production. However, it may not be the best choice for small businesses or hobbyists due to its initial setup costs and complexity.

Sublimation Printing

Sublimation printing is another option that allows you to transfer full-color images onto pen surfaces. While it can produce vibrant and long-lasting prints, it requires specific equipment and materials, which can be costly for newcomers.

UV DTF Stickers

UV DTF (Direct to Film) stickers have gained popularity in recent years as a top choice for custom pen printing. This method involves printing the design onto a clear or white film, which is then adhered to the pen surface using UV-cured ink. UV DTF stickers are known for their high-quality, vibrant prints, quick production, and minimal setup requirements, making them an excellent choice for small businesses, side hustlers, and hobbyists.

Why UV DTF Stickers Are the Most Preferable Option

Here are some compelling reasons why UV DTF stickers are the preferable choice for custom pen printing:

High-Quality Prints: UV DTF stickers produce sharp, vibrant, and full-color prints with intricate details. They can accurately replicate your design, whether it's a company logo, personalized message, or artistic creation.

Versatility: UV DTF stickers can be used on various pen materials, including wood, acrylic, and metal. This versatility allows you to cater to a broad range of preferences and customer demands.

Quick Turnaround: Unlike some other printing methods, UV DTF stickers offer a quick turnaround time. You can complete small to medium-sized orders efficiently, making them ideal for businesses with tight deadlines.

Minimal Setup: Setting up a UV DTF printing system is relatively straightforward. It doesn't require an extensive investment in equipment or complex processes. This makes it accessible to small businesses, side hustlers, and hobbyists.

Cost-Effective: UV DTF sticker printing is a cost-effective method, especially for small-scale operations. It doesn't require expensive machinery or a significant overhead, making it a profitable choice for those starting on a budget.

The Process Of Using UV DTF Stickers

Using UV DTF stickers for custom pen printing is a simple process that involves the following steps:

Design Creation: Begin by designing your custom pen using graphic design software. Ensure the artwork is of high resolution to maintain print quality.

Printing: Print your design on the UV DTF sticker using a UV-cured inkjet printer. This ink dries quickly and adheres well to the sticker.

Lamination: To protect the print and enhance its durability, laminate the UV DTF sticker using a clear adhesive film.

Cutting: Cut the UV DTF sticker to the desired size and shape to fit the pen's surface.

Application: Carefully apply the UV DTF sticker to the pen's barrel, ensuring it's centered and aligned properly.

Curing: Use a UV curing machine to set the ink and adhesive, ensuring the sticker is firmly attached to the pen.

Finishing: After curing, buff the pen with a cloth to remove any excess adhesive or ink. This step gives the pen a polished, professional look.

At DTF Transfers, you can even choose UV DTF gang sheets to effortlessly incorporate multiple designs onto one sheet for the most efficient production.


Custom pens are a creative and potentially lucrative product for small businesses, side hustlers, and hobbyists. While various print methods can be employed, UV DTF stickers stand out as the most preferable option due to their high-quality prints, versatility, quick turnaround, minimal setup requirements, and cost-effectiveness.

So, whether you're looking to add a unique product to your business, start a side hustle, or explore a new craft, consider custom pen making with UV DTF stickers.

It's a fulfilling journey that allows you to express your creativity and offer personalized, high-quality pens to a wide range of customers. Get ready to embark on this exciting adventure and watch your custom pen business flourish.

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