How To Make Custom Tumblers

How To Make Custom Tumblers

Oct 03, 2023Mike Powers

Want to design a promotional product that will help your business stand out? Or do you want to design a gift for a special occasion? Custom tumblers can be the perfect choice and adding your own design, logo or message has never been easier.

Our expert team have put together a guide on how to make custom tumblers, giving you step by step instructions to help you to quickly and easily create your very own designed tumblers with high quality transfers. Using our innovative DTF transfers, the process is simple, fast and most importantly, will provide you with a finished result that you can be proud of.

Read on for more information on how to make custom tumblers!

Table Of Contents

  • What Are Custom Tumblers Used For?
  • What You Need To Make Custom Tumblers
  • Steps To Make Custom Tumblers
  • The Best Types Of Designs For Custom Tumblers

What Are Custom Tumblers Used For?

Custom tumblers are a popular choice for businesses and even for side hustles looking to promote a message or slogan that means something to them. They can be used effectively in schools, groups, and for swag at an expo or event. From coffee shops to singular gifts for a birthday, holiday or other special occasion, custom tumblers are the ideal choice.

Some of the most popular uses of tumblers include:

  • Home - Tumblers are commonly used as drinking glasses for beverages like water, juice, soda and iced tea. Some people may also use tumblers as travel mugs for coffee and tea. Tumblers can also be versatile and can be used for smoothies and shakes as well as alcoholic beverages like cocktails.
  • Office - Custom tumblers can be commonly used in offices for hold pens, pencils and other stationery items.
  • Travel & Commuting - Tumblers are ideal for carrying hot or cold beverages on the go.
  • Outdoor Activities - Whether for sports teams looking for an easy way to keep their beverages cool throughout a match, or for campers or hikers. Use tumblers to stay hydrated or even to measure ingredients when cooking outdoors.
  • Parties & Events - Tumblers can be used as party favors with custom designs or labels for special occasions. Event catering will often include tumblers for serving beverages.
  • Restaurants & Cafes - Tumblers can be used as drinking glasses in restaurants and cafes and can even be used to impress guests with their presentation.
  • Healthcare & Hospitals - Tumblers can be used to measure and dispense liquids. They can also offer tumblers with lids and straws used to help patients with drinking fluids.
  • Promotional & Marketing - Tumblers with company logos or branding are often used as promotional items at trade shows and events.
  • DIY Crafts & Customization - Tumblers can be customized with various designs, making them a great option for craft projects.

What You Need To Make Custom Tumblers

Creating custom tumblers using direct to film transfers can be a fun and creative project. There are a number of materials that you will need including:

  1. Blank tumbler
  2. DTF transfer paper
  3. Printer compatible with the transfer paper
  4. Image or design for your tumbler
  5. Heat resistant tape
  6. Scissors or a cutting tool
  7. Heat-resistant gloves
  8. Heat press machine
  9. Craft knife
  10. Convection oven or heat gun for curing

UV DTF Stickers are an alternative approach for custom tumblers. They offer adhesive excellence and vibrant designs with long-lasting durability.

The Steps To Make Custom Tumblers

There are a number of steps that you can take when it comes to creating your very own custom tumblers. No matter the requirements or the event that you are making these for, the process will be applicable across the board. Take a look at our steps on how to make custom tumblers below:

Step One - Workspace Preparation

This part of the process is arguably the most important. This is when you can make sure that you have everything that you need to transfer your designs to the tumblers quickly and easily. Within this step you should:

  • Ensure your workspace is cleaned and dust-free
  • All of your equipment is laid out neatly and in an organized manner to avoid any delays during the printing process
  • Have any unnecessary items or distractions removed from the workspace

Step Two - Creating & Printing Your Custom Design

If you already have a logo or an idea of the design that you want to print onto your tumblers, then you’re one step closer to the finish line. If you don't, take a read of our section below for some inspiration on the most popular custom tumbler designs.

Once you have a design ready, you will need to make sure that it is the right size and resolution to ensure a high quality finish. Ensure your direct-to-film transfer paper is loaded into a compatible printer and the inks are not running low. It’s a good idea to run a few test designs before moving onto the next step to make sure it looks how you envisioned it would.

Step Three - Print Onto The Tumbler

Once you have printed your design onto the transfer paper, allow it to dry completely before handling it. Then you can cut this out and proceed to apply your transfers onto the tumbler. Wrap the printed design around the tumbler and ensure that it’s positioned correctly. You may want to consider applying a heat-resistant tape to help secure this in place. The heat that you require will depend on the technique. Learn more about what temperature is best for DTF transfers.

Unlike apparel, it can be a little trickier to line up a design on a tumbler due to their rounded shape. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for the heat press that you choose - whether that be a standard heat press, a handheld heat press or even an iron. Learn how to press DTF transfers.

Step Four - Second Press

Once you have pressed your transfer, gently peel the transfer paper from the tumbler. Inspect the transferred image for any imperfections or areas that didn’t adhere properly. Once done, you can layer parchment paper or similar over the transfer and press for a second time. This will help to enhance durability and remove unwanted shine.

Remember, it’s important to follow safety precautions when using heat or chemicals throughout any part of this process.

The Best Types Of Designs For Custom Tumblers

The best types of designs for custom tumblers really do depend on personal preferences and the purpose of the tumbler. For example, you’re more likely to want a cohesive and professional look for a promotional product at a business expo or in the office than what you would if you were gifting a tumbler to a family member or friend. Here, we’ve collated some of the most popular designs that we’ve seen our customers print onto their custom tumblers, to help give you some inspiration.

  1. Personalized names and monograms - these can be a great gift for a wedding, birthday, event, holiday season or simply for personal use at home.
  2. Photos & portraits - although due to the number of colors and intricate details these can be a little more difficult to produce, they do offer a lovely memorable moment with a truly personal touch.
  3. Quotes & inspirational messages - you can make your tumbler even more meaningful with a quote or inspirational message.
  4. Patterns & Geometric Shapes - whether in line with your logo or simply a design that you think will be popular for your side hustle, intricate patterns like mandalas and chevrons, and other types of geometric shapes can add style and artistic flair to your tumblers.
  5. Nature & Scenery - always a popular choice for custom tumblers ready to be used on the go, particularly when camping or hiking!
  6. Holiday & Seasonal Themes - take your holiday celebrations to the next level. Add your own Christmas, Thanksgiving, Halloween, Valentine’s, July 4th or other holiday design to your own tumblers.
  7. Sports & Hobbies - show support for your favorite team, hobby or interest with symbols, logos and branding.
  8. Space Themes - take hold of the galaxy with star, space or cosmic designs for your custom tumblers.
  9. Graffiti or Street Art - This is a popular design choice for a bold and urban look.
  10. Custom Artwork - add your own unique artwork and show off your skills with a design ready to be placed on a custom tumbler.

This is just a small selection of the many different styles and designs we see through our custom DTF transfers by size or gang sheet orders. With so many options with both our DTF transfers and UV DTF stickers, the possibilities really are endless.


Now you have everything you need to be able to produce custom tumblers with your name, brand, design, logo, or personalized message to suit any occasion. Our step by step instructions will give you everything you need to get started from the comfort of your own home - one of the many benefits of using DTF transfers as your primary print method for promotional products.

Dishwasher proof and highly durable, there’s no better option for your custom tumblers. Not sure if DTF transfers are the right method for you? Order a sample pack and try them out today!

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